Well, it’s here. It’s finally arrived! The brand new Medutopia blog. Yippeee!! Our brilliant website developers have been incredibly busy putting together our new blogging platform, and it’s finally here. And it’s awesome.

We have a TON of exciting things to announce and highlight over the coming weeks to months, so please check back frequently to see what we are up to. In addition to some very cool announcements we are also working on some incredibly impactful content for educators, including mastermind groups, presentation design and delivery pearls, and how to create digital content for educators. And that’s only a few of content items we are working on. LOTS more to come!!

Here are just a few highlights of the big stuff we are working on:

The IkigaiMedEd Course

The IkigaiMedEd course is open for registrations! Check out IkigaiMedEd.com for more information. This course is a clever blend of traditional medical education, digital and social media,  podcasting, and wellness/resiliency. This course is special for a number of reasons. First, the faculty who will be there are amazing educators. And this is not just another medical education conference. There are lots of those. This one is designed to help you identify your niche in medical education. Second, the venue is in a castle! A real castle. It’s going to be held at CastlePost. For information about this incredible venue check out the awesome CastlePost website.

We have amazing faculty lined up for this course, including Ross Fisher, Tarlan Hedayati, Brian Fanzo, Anna Kalantari, Chris Curran, Megan Osborn, Chris Doty, Mike Gisondi, Rob Cooney, and others!! It is quiet simply going to be amazing! In addition to the main conference on Nov 7-9, we will be having a precon day on Nov 6 with workshops on leadership in med ed, podcasting, and simulation for EMS providers.

We are also in the process of developing the Ikigai Architect Program-a program for course attendees in which everyone is assigned an “architect” to help them craft their careers. Course attendees will meet with their architect during the course.

On the 2nd night of the course, Nov 8th, after a full day of health/wellness/resiliency, Medutopia will host our 1st attendee open mic night, called Vulnerable. During this event, course attendees will be given the stage (with a mic) to discuss their personal stories of failure, loss, grief, and any other topic they want to speak about related to healing through storytelling.


Medutopia Mastermind Group Project

We are about to roll out the brand new, innovative, professional development Mastermind Group Project. The current plan is to have 4 total mastermind groups. The first group to start will be devoted to Innovation and Creativity in Medical Education (ICME) This group will be FREE, yes free. But spots will fill fast, so be sure to sign up once registration opens. We will also have two paid mastermind groups, one called Spark and and the other called PodLife.  The Spark Mastermind Group is for ANYONE in medicine (physician, nurse, paramedic, etc.) who wants to learn how to take their career to the next level by becoming a medupreneur (a medical education entrepreneur). There will be 2 Spark groups: one for folks just starting out into the world of creating blogs, podcasts, etc. and one for more advanced medupreneurs (may already have a blog, podcast, or website). We will have a separate blog post devoted to this new and exciting project in the next week or so. The second paid group, PodLife, is for educators who want to become expert medical education podcasters.

The purpose of the Medutopia Mastermind Group Project is to create small communities of practice centered around medical education, podcasting, and med ed entrepreneurship (medupreneur). Groups will meet via Zoom, Google Hangouts, and other means every 2-4 weeks. Medutopia will handle the organization and structure of the mastermind groups and will ensure that everyone is growing and learning from the experience.

Click here for a great review by Pat Flynn discussing the concept of the mastermind group.

Click here for a great podcast episode explaining what a mastermind group really is.




Medutopia’s International Program

The Medutopia International Program is up and running with 2018 courses already planned in Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, and Mexico. In 2019 we are planning on a 2 day med ed event in India, and pretty soon we will be announcing 2 other exciting international venues. For more information on the free work we do for low-to-middle income please check out the Medutopia website.


We have also developed an Educator Development Program. In this program, educators who are accepted into it will receive mentoring on how to be a truly effective choreographer of learning. In addition to the coaching and mentoring you will receive, faculty enrolled in this program will be eligible to teach in some of the exciting med ed events we have planned all over the world. And best of all, the program is FREE. Yes, free. More information on this in an upcoming blogpost.

Here is a nice video summary of the course that was hosted by our Chilean friends and colleagues in Santiago in December 2017.

The Medutopia MUE Med Ed Course in Santiago, Chile


The Medutopia Podcast

The Medutopia Podcast continues to explore the intersection of medical education, social media, and technology. We have added some talented podcasters to our team, including Sarah Medeiros (from EM Pulse) and Andy Little (from EM Over Easy). Be on the lookout for continued awesome content from our team of dedicated podcasters and educators. If you have ideas for our show and/or want to be on the show please let us know! We are on iTunes and Spreaker and will soon be on Spotify.


The Medupreneur Lab

Our exciting new course is coming! Medutopia has developed the 1st ever course for medical educators on how to be a “med ed entrepreneur”….or as I like to call it, a medupreneur. Yes, I just made that up. Check out our exciting course offering on how to be a medupreneur and take your ideas to the next level. The date of our 1st Medupreneur Lab Course is October 12th, 2018. And guess where the venue is? The home of Rob Rogers. Yes, you heard me correctly. Just like our Podcast Lab Course we will even provide transportation to and from your hotel AND we’ll take you to the Bluegrass Airport at the end of the day. A truly boutique, concierge course experience!



The Medutopia Academy

We have developed two, truly spectacular academies, one for those interested in the intersection of medical education and social media (called Connect) and one for podcasting in medical education (PodU). The academy is a longitudinal program where we work one on one with you to teach you how to use social media or podcasting to change the world of medical education. The commitment is one year long, and the program is especially designed for your needs. If you have an interest in the two academies please send us a message through the Medutopia website contact form.


Medutopia’s Content Creation Engine

Content creation is the name of the game, and Medutopia is working on some incredible content for educators all around the world. In addition to building some exciting and innovative content for the blog and our social media platforms, we are in the design phase of assembling  something VERY BIG in medical education. I would love to spill our plans right here, right now, but I don’t want to ruin the surprise. More on this to come in an upcoming blog post.


Medutopia Outreach

In addition to all of the wonderful things we are working on globally, we are also giving back to our healthcare brothers and sisters and the local community by holding FREE education events, like the upcoming Medutopia EMS Night at CastlePost on May 9th. We are also working on local activities for high school students who are potentially interested in a career in healthcare.


The Medutopia Blog

Medutopia is in the process of putting together a truly stellar blogging team. If you have any interest in joining the cause and helping us spread the message of medical education throughout the world please send us a message through our contact form expressing your interest:


Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Vimeo, and Pinterest. And check out our website that details all of the exciting things we are creating: mymedutopia.com

Want to change the world of med ed? Join the medical education revolution at Medutopia and help us change it!

MORE EXCITING stuff coming very soon!

Rob Rogers

Chief Imagination Officer, Medutopia