We just held our 1st Medutopia EMS event (covering professional development topics) last night at The Kentucky Castle, and I have to tell you, it was awesome! It was a FREE event for local community EMS providers in Kentucky, and we ended up having around 20 attendees. Topics covered included how to use social media to grow your life and career, the role of EMS providers as educators, how to not “be a dick” in the house of medicine, and how to appropriately hand off a patient to emergency department providers. Thanks to Walt Lubbers, Floyd Miracle, and David Fifer for volunteering their time and energy to make EMS professional development/medical education come alive in the state of Kentucky!


The other exciting thing about last night was that a new division was born…Medutopia EMS! This division is dedicated to all things EMS/prehospital and will work with local, regional, national, and international experts to bring professional development to the center stage for these providers.



Some of my own thoughts sparked by the event…

  • The EMS/prehospital tribe of medicine is full of good people who take great pride in their work-what they do is vital.
  • Medical education is a village, and everyone has a role in the village.
  • Some of us might not have a job without the daily efforts of our EMS tribe.
  • EMS/prehospital providers are educators and need support and professional development just as much as any other provider.
  • Medical educators, regardless of the tribe in medicine they live and work with, improve the lives of patients….the real reason we are all in healthcare in the first place.



Be on the lookout for more exciting courses and events centered around our new division: Medutopia EMS! BIG announcement(s) coming very soon…

The audio from the Mevo HD livestreaming camera was dodgy, but we were able to capture and livestream video to FB Live:



P.S. Walt has a fake cigarette in the picture above! 🙂