The NEWEST medical education/professional development course on the block is coming this year, and it’s coming to the beautiful bluegrass state of Kentucky! Better yet, it’s going to be held at Castle Post, a real (yes, real) castle in Versailles, Kentucky, just outside of Lexington.

The focus of this new, innovative conference is to help medical educators find their “ikigai,” or their reason for being, or niche. It’s really all about the 4 overlapping circles.


Here’s a picture of Castle Post, the venue for the course:


The Ikigai Med Ed course is currently open for registrations! Check out for details. This course is a clever blend of traditional medical education, digital and social media, podcasting, and wellness/resiliency. This course is special for a number of reasons. First, the faculty who will be there are amazing educators. And this is not just another medical education conference filled with boring Power Point lectures. There are lots of those. This one is designed to help you identify your niche in medical education. Second, the venue is in a castle! A real castle. It’s going to be held at CastlePost. For information about this incredible venue check out the awesome CastlePost website.


We have amazing faculty lined up for this course, including Ross Fisher, Tarlan Hedayati, Brian Fanzo, Anna Kalantari, Chris Curran, Megan Osborn, Chris Doty, Mike Gisondi, Rob Cooney, and MANY others!! It is quiet simply going to be amazing!


We in the process of developing the Ikigai Architect Program-a program for course attendees in which everyone is assigned an “architect” to help them craft their professional careers as medical educators. Course attendees will meet with their architect during the course and design a personalized ikigai life plan.


Our goal during this course, in addition to providing some incredible, motivating, and inspirational educational material, is to help attendees find their “ikigai,” or what they were meant to do in medical education.


On the 2nd night of the course, Nov 8th, after a full day of health/wellness/resiliency, Medutopia will host our 1st attendee open mic night, called Vulnerable. During this event, course attendees will be given the stage (with a mic) to discuss their personal stories of failure, loss, grief, and any other topic they want to speak about related to healing through storytelling.

Incredible Content!

In addition to the awesome content we have planned during the main event (Nov 7-9), we have an incredible day of pre-conferences planned. We have planned three epic workshops that include leadership in med ed, podcasting, and simulation (for EMS providers). Chris Curran, a professional podcaster and sound engineeer, will work with Andy Little and Drew Kalnow to run a 1/2 day podcasting workshop that will be amazing! Tracy Sanson will run a cutting-edge leadership course for medical educators, and Walt Lubbers will dazzle the prehospital community with a simulation course for EMS providers.

We have been very careful to choose content that is highly impactful. Content that will change your life and the lives of the people you teach. Content that will eventually improve the care that patients receive. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.


A central focus of the 3 day event is wellness. We want all attendees to come away from the course with a renewed sense of wellness and an understanding of the importance of living a well-balanced life as an educator.


We will also spend a bit of time teaching the skills necessary to be a “medical education entrepreneur,” or medupreneur (edupreneur). You won’t want to miss this!



Here is the am schedule for the 3 days:

Here is the afternoon schedule:

The Escape Room

We are bringing the gamification of medical education to the castle, and it is going to be AWESOME!  Megan Osborn is putting together an incredible session of “The Escape Room” that will break the mold on how a medical education course should be done.



The Course for Everyone

There are lots of courses out there. Some for docs. Some for nurses. Some for other providers. Ikigai Med Ed is FOR EVERYONE. We have been very careful for choose content that will be connect with all levels of healthcare providers. Medical education is like a village, and everyone has a role in the village.


Bourbon Tasting & Local KY Bands

Well, it is Kentucky, and no course in Kentucky would be complete without local bourbon tasting. Lexington, Kentucky is, after all, the Bourbon capital of the world. We will also have live entertainment on the roof of the castle each night of the conference.

Gala Dinner

We are having an opening night gala dinner on November 7th where course attendees can meet each other and the faculty.

Join the Medutopia Family

Once you pay for Ikigai Med Ed or any other Medutopia course, you automatically become a legacy member in our new program called The Family. Developed for another course that we created, The Family is a unique program in which you become a life-long course member of Medutopia. As a Family Member, you get free course registration for any of our future courses-just be sure to reserve your spot. Each Medutopia course will have 3-5 spots reserved for members of The Family.

Tired of the Same Old Way of Teaching?

Take your life and career to the next level and join us in Lexington, Kentucky this November!