Medutopia will offer 4 different mastermind groups, one of them free and the other three paid versions.

1. Creativity and Innovation in Medical Education (Disrupt)

2. Podcasting in Medical Education (PodLife)

3. The Medupreneur Mastermind (Spark I)-for beginners

4. The Medupreneur Mastermind (Spark II)-intermediate

Benefits of Joining a Mastermind Group for Medical Educators 

There are many benefits to joining a mastermind group. Here are just a few:

  • Learn from the “collective wisdom” of the group
  • Develop as an educator with support from like-minded individuals
  • Utilize a powerful network of invested medical educators who want to help each other and improve medical education
  • Be held accountable by the group
  • Brainstorm ideas and get immediate feedback from a diverse group of medical educators

The Disrupt Mastermind Group (creativity and innovation in medical education) will be FREE for any interested medical educator (anywhere in the world) for the 1st 12 month. The purpose of this mastermind group is to discuss innovation and creativity in medical education and to learn how to truly make a difference in the lives of learners. This group will meet once a month via video call.

Mission Statement 

Disrupt aims to bring together motivated medical educators from around the world to discuss the best ways to be effective “learning choreographers” for our learners. This group will discuss creative and innovative ways to be an effective, motivational, and inspirational medical educator.

Format of the Disrupt Mastermind Group

The Disrupt Mastermind Group will meet once a month for 1-2 hours on a video conferencing platform called MasterMind Manager. Once the 10 members are chosen we will choose a meeting day and time, and we will provide specific details (as well as a welcome manual) to group members.

Disrupt will be FREE for a 12 month trial period. After this time, the cost will be $100 USD per month. 

Monthly video calls will serve as the main structure for the group. Each month, group members will take turns on the “hot seat,” in which other group members will take turns offering advice and solutions for some of the struggles YOU face as an educator. One of the beautiful things about a mastermind group is that you get advice/resources from the whole group.

Medutopia will keep track of each meetings discussion, the readings, and other assignments.

In order to have a successful mastermind group, each member needs to be a contributor and not sit in silence as the rest of the group talks and gives advice. Mastermind groups work best when all are working in harmony to help everyone in the group.

Here is a sample of what our agenda might look like (from the Mastermind Toolkit):

In this mastermind group we will discuss relevant podcasts, blogs, websites, courses, and books related to medical education. There will be reading assignments for all members of the group, and assignments will be given out at each meeting. This will include books that are relevant to medical education and professional growth and development.



To Express Your Interest in Disrupt…

Just fill out this Google form to apply:

There are only 10 spots available for this trial mastermind group. Applications will be reviewed as they are received. We have already received quite a bit of interest in this mastermind group, so don’t miss out on your chance to join the 1st med ed mastermind group!

Grow your life with Medutopia!!


(Thanks to Better Leaders Better Schools for the mastermind agenda sample!)