Are you a healthcare provider who is hungry for more? Perhaps you have a “day job” but have become dissatisfied with your routine? Ever considered potentially working for yourself? Ever wanted to be your own boss, maybe even work from home? Or, would you like the ability to cut back on your day job and have more freedom? Ever wanted to take your blog or podcast to the next level and start making some side revenue? Or, to but it bluntly, are you completely burned out working your day job and you are looking to make a career change?



Whether you would like more freedom in your work life or you are simply looking to generate some side income and have more financial, creative, and innovative freedom, most people don’t really know how to get started with this type of venture. That’s where the Medupreneur Spark Mastermind Group comes in…



The Spark Mastermind Group is for ANYONE in medicine (physician, nurse, paramedic, pharmacist, etc.) who wants to learn how to take their career to the next level by becoming a medupreneur (a medical education entrepreneur).  If you answered yes to any of the questions at the beginning of this post,  you might want to consider joining the Spark Mastermind Group. There will be 2 Spark groups: one for folks just starting out in the world of creating blogs, podcasts, etc. and one for more advanced medupreneurs (may already have a blog, podcast, or website). If you want to learn how to change the world…this is your chance. See below for the juicy details!



What is the Difference Between Spark I and Spark II? 

Both Spark I and II are for healthcare providers/medical educators who want to learn entrepreneurial skills that will help them take their careers and lives to the next level. Whether you are interested in starting your own coaching and consulting business or simply want to learn how to monetize your blog or podcast, there is a certain skillset you need to learn in order to make those things happen. From intellectual property to tax designation of your business to how to utilize social media to market and monetize your entrepreneurial endeavor, there is quite simply a ton of information to learn.

Spark I is designed for providers who are literally getting started with an entrepreneurial idea or who have laid the plans but have not implemented them. If you looking to build a blog, podcast, website, or have a general idea for a business but have not done anything about it, this would be the group for you.

Spark II is designed for those who already have a blog, a podcast, a website, or a solid idea of what entrepreneurial project they would like to design and deliver. This group is also specifically designed for folks who have started a small business but have not really done anything with it yet.



Benefits of Joining a Mastermind Group for Medical Education Entrepreneurs (Medupreneur)

There are many benefits to joining a mastermind group. Here are just a few:

  • Learn from the “collective wisdom” of the group
  • Develop as a medical entrepreneur with support from like-minded individuals
  • Utilize a powerful network of invested medupreneurs who want to help each other
  • Be held accountable by the group
  • Brainstorm ideas and get immediate feedback from a diverse group of healthcare providers/medical educators
  • Troubleshoot any problems you might have had with a group who has likely faced similar challenges

The Spark Mastermind Group (Entrepreneurship for Medical Educators=Medupreneurship) is open to 10 people who are interested in learning essential entrepreneurial skills that will enable them to have more freedom and happiness in their lives

This mastermind group is modeled after a one-day course called The Medupreneur Lab.



What Spark Mastermind Group Members Will Receive

  • Monthly Spark Mastermind video conference calls
  • Books on entrepreneurial skills, professional development, business, medical education, and much more (at no extra charge)
  • Private Slack group where our group can network about what our group is up to
  • Monthly book club


Mission Statement 

Spark aims to bring together motivated educators and healthcare providers from around the world to discuss how to be an entrepreneur in medical education/healthcare (“medupreneur”) and learn how to truly transform their careers by helping them generate creative and financial freedom.


Format of the Spark Mastermind Groups

The Spark Mastermind Groups will meet once a month for 1-2 hours on a video conferencing platform called MasterMind Manager. Once the 10 members are chosen we will choose a meeting day and time, and we will provide specific details (as well as a welcome manual) to group members.



Monthly video calls will serve as the main structure for the group. Each month, group members will take turns on the “hot seat,” in which other group members will take turns offering advice and solutions for some of the struggles YOU face as a medupreneur. One of the beautiful things about a mastermind group is that you get advice/resources from the whole group.

Medutopia will keep track of each meetings discussion, the readings, and other assignments.



In order to have a successful mastermind group, each member needs to be a contributor and not sit in silence as the rest of the group talks and gives advice. Mastermind groups work best when all are working in harmony to help everyone in the group.

Here is a sample of what our agenda might look like (from the Mastermind Toolkit):



To Express Your Interest in Spark I (for Medupreneur beginners) 

Just fill out this Google form to apply:

To Express Your Interest in Spark II (for Medupreneur intermediates) 

Just fill out this Google form to apply:


There are only 10 spots available for Spark I and 10 for Spark II. Applications will be reviewed as they are received. We have already received quite a bit of interest in this mastermind group, so don’t miss out on your chance to join the 1st mastermind group for medical education entrepreneurs.

Grow your life and career with Medutopia!!

Remember….it all starts with a great idea!!

(Thanks to Better Leaders Better Schools for the mastermind agenda sample!)