I recently sat down with Chris Doty for a recording of the Medutopia Podcast to discuss depression, the growing suicide problem among physicians, and burnout. It was a great session, and I can’t wait to publish the show! Chris offered tons of helpful advice, and I thought I would share one of those tidbits pertaining to how to combat burnout.

Chris and I talked a lot about burnout, and I shared that I had gone through burnout in various stages of my training and as an attending physician.

I asked him to share ONE TIP he would recommend for anyone in healthcare to prevent becoming burned out, or to dig oneself out of burnout.

His answer was pretty interesting: “Pause before every shift starts and tell yourself that your job is a privilege, that the patients you are seeing are typically having their worst day, and that you can make a difference in the lives of patients.”

Take a few minutes and watch the AMAZING story below about the effect that we often have on the patients and families we see everyday. It will change the way you think about your job, even if you are sometimes burned out and consider your job “mundane.”



So, the next time you are about to walk into your shift, pause, just for a second, and tell yourself that what you do is a privilege….that our patients need us…and that we can have a huge impact on our patients’ lives.