We are developing an awesome social program for the Ikigai Med Ed course!

We have plans to make this new medical education and professional development course a memorable experience for our attendees! Please refer to our previous post on the Ikigai Med Ed course. Besides incredible content and having some of the best medical educators in the world, we have crafted an experience that you will simply not forget. Great conferences need great content, but they should also be fun!



The Ikigai Architect Program

Medutopia strongly believes in the professional development of its attendees, and it’s because of this that we have designed a very unique mentoring program, called the “Ikigai Architect.” Course faculty will meet individually with attendees to provide career advice and a personalized “ikigai” development plan.



Our wonderful faculty will mentor you and will cover the gamut of career possibilities. Maybe you already know the answer to all 4 ikigai questions. Maybe you are missing some answers. Whether you have it all figured out or are just getting started and need help, we will help you come up with a plan as a medical educator.


What is your ikigai?


Bourbon Tasting 

Kentucky is the horse capital of the world, but did you know that it’s also the bourbon capital? We have planned some bourbon tastings for you so that you can sample some of the finest bourbons in the world. No course in Kentucky would be complete without a little bourbon!



Local Kentucky Music

Kentucky is full of wonderful culture, and we are definitely known for incredible music artists. We are very fortunate to have the NewTown Duo performing during the course. Soak in some great education during the day and network and meet new friends at night while enjoying some fantastic local music on the rooftop of the castle.



Networking at the Castle

One of the best things about a good course is the networking opportunities that arise. We have set aside plenty of time to meet new friends and hang out with our awesome faculty.




We have planned an “open mic” event for attendees and faculty called Vulnerable. In this event, we give you the mic and you tell your story. The stage is yours. Share anything you would like to. Stories of failure, triumph, success, and loss. This is a great opportunity to be “vulnerable” and share your inspirational story with attendees and faculty.



And of course, we can’t wait to show off our incredible venue, The Kentucky Castle! Medical education in a castle!!




We can’t wait to see you in Versailles, Kentucky at The Kentucky Castle for the first ever Ikigai Med Ed!

Be prepared to be inspired, motivated, and to learn how to change the world of medical education…